About this Website

*** This documentary website is intended to provide user information and understandings of the work of the HVACR Heritage Centre Canada [HHCC], its world view, its research and documentation, and its public programming over its start-up years, between 1999, and 2020. Much of this material is also intended for transfer to Library and Archives Canada.

The site is designed to meet the needs of four populations:

  1. The casually curious about what HHCC is all about, as potential supporters and future advocates of HHCC and the Industry.
  2. Those with an interest in furthering their understanding of the work and contribution of the HVACR industry to Canadian society and culture.
  3. HHCC board members, who may wish to further the industry’s study of its contribution to Canadian society and culture, by moving from the first to the second half of the 20th century; and
  4. Those with wider interests in the study of Canadian material cultural studies, their findings, processes, and contributions to the evolving field of science and practice.