About HHCC


HHCC is a Canadian, NFP, cultural organization. In 1999 it was an industry start-up by a small group of HVACR industry enthusiasts. For it was the turn of the millennium and the Group looked forward to the new understandings and opportunities that Canada’s post-industrial, information society would provide.    

With letters patent issued by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada, HHCC currently has custodial care for significant industry collections, research holdings, and database. Through its various programs and services, within its limitations as start-up, HHCC currently contributes to Canadians’ understanding of the HVACR industry and its social and cultural impacts on their lives and times.

With its substantial intellectual property to draw on, along with the support of its Industry partners HHCC has, over its startup years, a significant list of achievements:  

·         An HVACR artifact collection, documenting the embryonic and early development years of the Canadian Industry from the 1920’s through to the 1960’s,  

·         A computer-accessed, cloud-based, research database, which currently holds hundreds of research reports, catalogue sheets, and images of the historic artifacts held in trust by HHCC. The reports document variously: “what it is”, “how it works”, “what it does”, and “with what results and consequences” for Canadian culture and society?

·         A recently acquired HVACR Trade and Technical Literature Collection containing over 2000 documents, telling the stories of the emerging field of HVACR practice in Canada.

·         An established on-line presence, including a HVACR, virtual, museum and archive, attracting attention from across much of the Western world, along with two interactive educational web sites [currently unavailable], and numerous on-site, national, provincial, and community exhibitions, and special educational displays, along with,

·         A substantial Educational Materials Development Program, which has produced an impressive array of “Story Boards” telling the essential short stories of the contribution of HVACR technology to Canada’s material culture.


HVACR is a recognized acronym for the Canadian Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Industry.


HHCC is a recognized acronym for the HVACR Heritage Center Canada, a Canadian, turn-of-the-millennium, innovative start-up, With Letters Patent by “Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada”. HHCC operates as a, NFP, Industry Supported, Volunteer Organization.


CCS is a recognized acronym for HHCC’s volunteer- based, Collections and Curatorial Services


G. Leslie Oliver PhD; Oliver Associates, Studies in Canadian Material Culture, is the CCS volunteer coordinator, at gl.oliver@rogers.com;