Website Development: W3C and Validation

Not all website development services are professional. Professional web development demands the developers (and the web application development firm ) to stick to a set of web guidelines and standard. This is accomplished through W3C, short for World Wide Web Consortium. There are myriad web browsers now – Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and so forth. Code incompatibility may result in an improper representation of websites in one or more than among the browsers. Since the W3C lays down a set of guidelines, it’s up to the web programming specialists and web designers to follow them for greater corporate web development. Developing a website takes a completely different approach once the web programming expert and designer follow W3C guidelines. This is particularly true of dynamic website development or interactive website development.

If you go via a website developer job description, the capacity to develop a website totally in CSS is mandatory nowadays. Standardization is important since most technology (web development technologies also ) are interdependent.

Hence, there’s need for a standard interface and standardized data communication protocols. That is to say, W3C aims at ensuring that computers throughout the world speak/communicate the identical language, which web pages look the same on all web browsers. Use of Standardized and Validated Code is significant since different web browsers render HTML in various ways.

Because of this, the code may work well in some of the browsers but may crash on others. Nowadays, website development forums are also teaching web programming specialists and designers to consider all major browsers, rather than just one. Not to forget, PDA’s, mobile phones and other digital devices are internet-friendly. Hence custom web application development and e-commerce website design firms should educate and encourage their developers and designers to follow W3C standard to develop superior websites.

You should have noticed that not all web designers and developers use W3C validated code. What is the motive behind this? This is because even the most popular HTML editors don’t create fully compatible code. As Adobe Dreamweaver is far better than the rest, people using different editors suffer. Now, here’s a shocker! Microsoft FrontPage generates code just for the Internet Explorer, thus making it one of the worst editors. There are lots of custom web application development companies which have developers following the’hand coding’ strategy for business website development. But even this doesn’t guarantee 100% compatibility.

The issue worsens in the event of flash website development or developing a cool web design with fancier features (such as drop-down menus) as not all web browsers support them. That’s the reason companies offering website development services need to be sure that the website development project plan is developed keeping in mind that the W3C standards. They should also offer the website development proposal keeping the guidelines in mind.

The author is a certified web developer with extensive experience in website development, e-commerce and programming setup. Having over 5 years expertise in technology such as PHP, Java, Ajax, MySQL, HTML, jQuery, Payment Integration, Facebook enthusiast Page development, shopping carts and other Web 2.0 technologies, the author helps businesses (small and big ) unite their online identity through better and powerful websites and related systems and technologies.

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