Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

Why make a mobile app? The world has gone mobile.

For those who own a desktop website, now’s the time to make a mobile application, a.k.a. program.

The amount of people using mobile Web on mobile phones (rather than the Web on personal computers) is growing daily.

Eventually, the number of mobile users will outnumber desktop PC users. You need to create a mobile program because most desktop Web sites won’t operate on mobile phones.

Here are 12 reasons why your business needs a mobile program:

01. Most full-size desktop Web sites won’t work on a smartphone.

02. Smartphone users need to squint to see or resize full-size desktop Web site pages.

03. With an app, clients with smartphones get immediate access to all of the crucial information regarding a business.

04. Apps are less difficult to navigate with a touch screen or keypad.

05. Obtaining a full-size desktop Web site on smartphones wastes plenty of time waiting for pages to load.

06. Apps provide more direct access to the information a client is more likely to need while on the move. Like a business phone number, business hours, directions, menus, maps, sales events, etc..

07. Massive amounts of data must load the full-size desktop website. Without an unlimited data plan, smartphone users can pay more to get full-size desktop website details.

08. Apps extend the range of a business to the mobile Web, providing mobile visitors a quick and effortless way to find out more about a business and contact that business with one click or touch.

09. Little text font sizes and images make it difficult for mobile visitors to locate the information they require. The majority of these visitors will abandon these websites quickly from frustration and are unlikely to return. These visitors will most likely look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly program.

10. Using an app, you conserve mobile visitors time and money, and you may easily convert them into happy, paying clients.

11. Your customers could be searching for your business on their telephones. If your business isn’t on the mobile Web, your clients won’t have the ability to find you.

12. Visitors could use your mobile program to:

– Phone your business with your program.
– Locate your business using maps.
– Follow a hyperlink to your website.
– See the days and hours when you are open for business.
– View images or they can follow links to a photo gallery.
– Read a description of your business.
– Read more info about your products and/or solutions.
– View and use a discount voucher.
– Send a message via email or text.
– Tell their friends about your mobile program.
– Stay informed of any sales, special offers, or information updates.
– Get automatic updates via your mobile app.
– Follow a link to your blog, social networking profile page, etc..
– View your own videos.
– Buy products or services.

Now’s the time to choose your business mobile. If you do not go mobile now, there is a good chance that your competition will. Reach your customers before your competition gets the opportunity to reach them.

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