How Branding Defines Your Business

What is Branding and How it’s Different from a Logo and Marketing

When you think of brands you likely think of big names, and the large named products you find daily.

But what exactly is a brand? What does it mean? How is your brand conveyed?

When speaking with entrepreneurs, I get a sense there is a good deal of confusion about what exactly branding is. After reading this report, you will be well informed on a number of the common terminologies you hear such as brand positioning, why a brand isn’t just a symbol and what to do if you suspect your brand needs a makeover.

Branding Defined

A brand is more than just a logo, tagline, website or jingle. It’s the complete experience of working with you.

Each touch-point a client has with you contours your brand. Whether or not, the general perception the public has about you and your business constitutes your brand.

Your brand encompasses a visual look and feels through the use of colors, logos, imagery, and typography. There’s also verbal branding portrayed through your core values, vision statement, jingle or tagline.

However, your brand also includes the results of encounters with you, your staff and your company generally through shopping, media, client service, your website, and social media stations.

The Difference Between Marketing and Branding

Lots of people think marketing and branding will be the exact same thing but this isn’t the case. Here’s a story to help you understand the example:

– A man walks into a party and sees a woman he likes. He walks over to her and says”I am a wonderful dancer.”

That is marketing. He is sharing a message with the prospect that I expect to move her to act.

– A man walks into a party and sees a woman he likes. He walks over to her and says”Hey, I will dance with you for the reduced cost of one dollar.”

That is sales. He’s offering an opportunity for cash to a prospect.

– A man walks into a party and sees a woman he likes. The woman walks over to him and says”those women tell me you’re a fantastic dancer.”

That is branding. Through the woman’s experience, she formed a favorable brand belief that moved into action.

What Makes a Great Brand?

Many businesses attempt to appeal to a broad audience. But powerful brands have a polarizing effect. They appeal to a smaller niche audience.

Today’s clients are craving more transparency and credibility with their favorite brands. They would like to know the actual person behind the organization.

Moreover, multimedia is changing customers to getting more kinds of encounters with their brand. Using interactive websites, Facebook live feeds social media responses and live cams all help shape a brand new.

Brand Repositioning

A business can be quite natural and as times goes by, the initial brand you began with may not match anymore. This has happened to a number of our customers where, after a long time, they realize their initial brand is no more consistent with their existing business model and the market they are serving.

Conducting a brand assessment lets you rate the strength of your brand, understand its value with clients, and how to reposition the brand, if necessary, to reflect any modifications.

So it is important to occasionally do a check to find out whether your logo, website, bios, headshots, tagline, and other branding elements continue to be a fit. When you look back at McDonald’s, they have had numerous slogans through the years. You might remember”You deserve a break today” (1971), or”We do it all for you” (1975), or the present one”Lovin’ Beats Hatin'” (2015).

As customers changed, they upgraded their image and brand messaging to remain fresh and relevant to their viewers.

Does Your Brand Need a Makeover?

Frequently as a business grows, a rebrand is required to upscale messaging to match with the more recent level of success. Or a business could be shifting its focus when launching a new product/service or appealing to a different target audience.

Susan Friesen is the creator of eVision Media, a boutique web development and Digital Marketing company of over 15 years who specializes in designing, building and marketing professional, unique websites for entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations.

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