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Branding Identity and Strategy

Your brand and identity are important. Oliver Digital Marketing Associates gives you the best options when it comes to Branding Identity.

1. Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a provider’s visual presence, which entails the corporate logo and design strategy for corporate marketing collateral. Corporate identity doesn’t encapsulate brand identity, which can be best defined as the spirit of your organization. But a corporate identity may, and frequently does, reflect a brand identity. However, some ad agencies, marketing companies and graphic design services would have you believe that brand identity is the exact same thing as corporate identity and that changing a logo or design strategy will change the brand identity. However, this isn’t the case.

There are lots of subjective factors which weigh in on a brand identity. Such cosmetic changes can help a brand identity by making it clear to clients that a company cares about its look, but that is about the extent of its power. A corporate identity does, however, need to evolve with the times. Failure to do so can negatively impact a business’s brand identity, but care must also be taken not to revise the presentation of a brand, prompting clients be concerned about the condition of a corporation. Corporate identity, together with organizational culture, product quality, service reputation, features, benefits, performance and value, are a few of the critical variables of brand identity.

2. Brand Identity – The basis of your Company

Brand identity is the whole package of a business to its clients. It includes the corporation’s service reputation, product quality, features, benefits, performance and value. It’s the summation of all of these things, which make brand identity.

3. Brand Image

Brand Image is the market’s perception of your brand identity, which may or may not match with your intended brand identity. Companies must work hard in the daunting task of growing brand identity and image to align. . .or employ a real branding company.

A branding company can demonstrate how success begins with the brand identity.

Do you have a branding strategy? Are your employees aware of it and able to be ambassadors for your company’s brand during interactions with the outside world? Are you making the most strategically sound decisions for your brand? Do you know your customers’ perceptions of your brand?

If your answer is “no” to any of those questions, take the first step NOW. Let’s discuss your project with us.

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